I was chatting to someone recently who asked me to recommend some books they could read to skill up on helping teams get to effective delivery. I started to build the list below, and I've leant on things like flow, measurement, strategy, devops, human/org factors.

To avoid overloading, I've also star next to the top 4 I'd recommend.

books Strategy / Goal Setting

books DevOps / Flow

books Humans / Org Design / Delivery Challenges

books Data

  • Designing data-intensive applications - if you only read one book on data, I think this is great - it's perhaps less around 'effective delivery' and more around 'effectively architecting and owning', but is a useful supplemental read.

books Infrastructure

books Software Design

books Agile Mindset

books Product Design

question Over to you folks - This is naturally going to have a LOT of gaps - would love to hear from you what you'd change in the list, what you'd add, perhaps what you didn't enjoy so much in the list?