Well, it’s been a productive weekend, though not on the MCTS front unfortunately.  Our core software package at work, suite-e, has for a while now had an out of date editor – it was a doddle to upgrade all of the other components we use from Telerik, but we’ve always avoided the upgrade of the editor as we use so many custom dialogs that were so reliant on the old scripts from the editor that we were using (the DLL is roughly 18months old).

This weekend has seen me perform that upgrade – it’s been something that has bugged me a for a while now as it’s the last legacy component we have in there really, and it forms such a major part of the system (content management being what the whole thing is about!)

I’ve finally gotten my dev environment how I want it now at home too, installed all the utilities that make life easier when working, and have started the meandering path I plan to take on MCTS, starting with class design, polymorphism, and interfaces just to get my head back around these before I crack on.

Finally gotten myself up and running with stackoverflow, and need to allocate some time each day to read and try to input where able too.  I’ll be updating my delicious bookmarks over the coming weeks too, I used to spurl, but I’m really liking the interface on delicious.